Anyone can take part in the partner program, it is enough to register and get an partner link in the profile by which to attract customers. When customers that your attracted making exchange operations, you receive interest on the exchanger’s profit on your internal balance.

To become a member of the program and receive bonuses at your first electronic currency exchange operations, you need to fill out the simple registration form, in which you need to enter your name, e-mail address and password. After registration, your "Profile" will be available for you,in which you can see statistics on all the exchange operations attracted by your clients, as well as your current level of partner charges.

The partner program is cumulative, therefore, depending on the amount of exchanges by your attracted clients, partner points are awarded, on which the size of the partner percentage depends.

The number of points for an exchange depends on the number of points for the currency received during the exchange (1 RUB = 0.0125 points, 1 USD = 1 point, 1 BTC = 10000 points, 1 ETH = 300 points, 1 LTC = 50 points).

The minimum withdrawal of partner funds is 10 USD. The minimum withdrawal amount on cryptocurrencies is 100 USD.

To withdraw funds, you need:

  • the number of unique clients you have attracted must greater than or equal to 10 (unique attracted client or referral - this is a user registered by your partner link)
  • each referral must have at least 1 successful exchange
  • referrals must be real clients who make exchanges on their own
  • referrals should not use the same IP or IP from the same subnet

The withdrawal of partners funds is carried out within 72 hours after the approval of the application by the administrator.

The administration reserves the right to refuse to pay partners funds without explanation, if the conditions described on this page have not been met.

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Our partners

Exchanger monitor Мониторинг AllChange - just compare rates Monitoring of exchange rates

Level Points Bonus amount
1 up to 10%
2 up to 15%
3 up to 20%
4 up to 30%
5 up to 35%
6 up to 40%
7 up to 50%