Frequently asked questions

What services does WW-Pay provide?

WW-Pay offers automatic exchange of electronic currencies, cryptocurrencies and Internet banking funds.

What is the operation mode of your site? At what time can I make an exchange?

All operations are performed in automatic mode. You can exchange funds at any time convenient for you.

How long does the exchange take? When will i get money?

Exchange of electronic currencies is instant. The time of transfer of crypto currency depends on the confirmation of the network.

Why was my application canceled?

The application may be canceled in such cases:

    • You did not make a payment within 15 minutes from the moment of creation of the application;
    • You have transferred the wrong amount and the system does not recognize your payment;
    • You have send the amount of Bitcoin on request less than the minimum recommended commission. Applications with Bitcoin, paid for an amount less than the minimum recommended system commission, are not subject to execution and refund;
    • You specified incorrect details for which the system cannot make a payment;
    • You created more than two applications pending Qiwi payment with the same requisites. Previous requests for an exchange with such details will be canceled automatically until the payment period 15 minutes;

Returns are carried out after deduction of payment system commission for the transfer.

What is Bitcoin confirmation? How do I get confirmation?

To reduce the likelihood of double spend of funds, all transaction must receive confirmation. To get confirmation you do not need to do anything. The Bitcoin system automatically generates confirmations for some time.

How long is the exchange with Bitcoin? How many confirmations are necessary?

The aplication is executed within a few minutes after 1 transaction confirmations on the Bitcoin network.

Why is my application being delayed? What are the conditions for the Yandex.Money exchange?

Exchanges are executed without delay.

If 48 hours have not passed since the first exchange and the total amount of exchange on requisites is above 50,000 roubles, the additional check may be established with the delay up to 48 hours, according to the decision of security service.

How quickly is the refund processed?

Return on the order is executed in a period from 15 minutes to 12 hours.

Why is the exchange rate of Bitcoin changing often?

The rate of Bitcoin in the exchange service changes every 3 minutes and depends on many factors. The main ones are the Bitcoin exchange rate on international exchanges, the amount of reserves on our service, the demand and supply for Bitcoin, the exchange rate of the dollar-ruble, euro-ruble, dollar-euro.

We would like to note that after creation of your application for exchange, the rate is fixed for 15 minutes and cannot be changed during this time.

Recommendations: If the Bitcoin exchange rate is not right for you at the moment, wait for a while, and it will definitely become more acceptable for you. We always try to offer our customers the best course in the market!

I made the payment and transferred the cryptocurrency, but the application was canceled. What should I do?

This is possible, if you send a payment from the cryptocurrency exchange.

The payment time for the exchange on our website is 15 minutes, but the exchanges Poloniex, EXMO, Bittrex, Bitfinex and others can withdraw your funds with a delay, according to the rules they set. Sometimes the delay can reach up to 12 hours. Please, when contacting our support team, make sure that your service has completed the withdrawal of funds to our wallet. Typically, after the the completing withdrawal, there is the hash transaction or link on it in history.

If the payment time on our website has expired and the application has already been canceled, please send us hash or the link on it. We will restore your application and execute it after receiving the transaction confirmation.

If you paid for the exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Ripple (Give), but the funds did not arrive to our service account after 12 hours, please, inform our support team. When applying, you need to provide a screenshot of the transfer from your wallet or exchange. In the screenshot we should see the date of transfer and the address of the recipient. After the user has applied to the support service and confirmed the transfer with a screenshot, the payment address will be archived. If the user does not apply to this issue between 12-24 hours from the time the application was created, WW-Pay reserves the right not to perform the exchange, paid with a delay of more than 24 hours.

Limitations on Qiwi wallets

The payment is not carried out because of the restrictions the recipient can have in 2 cases:

    1. On your Qiwi wallet there is no place to get the required amount;
    2. The monthly turnover of funds in your wallet is exceeded.

In order not to encounter a restriction when using Visa Qiwi purse, we recommend that you pass the identification in advance.

Depending on the level of identification, you can have one of the 3 statuses of the Visa Qiwi Wallet user and different degrees of opportunities:

Level The balance on the account is no more than: Turnover for the month:
Minimum 15 000 ₽ 40 000 ₽
Standard 60 000 ₽
200 000 ₽
Professional 600 000 ₽
No restrictions

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Can I pay for Yandex.Money exchange through a mobile application?

For applications in the amount of 30 thousand rubles, it is possible to pay through a mobile application.

To pay the application in this way, copy the recipient's account, the amount and the payment comment from the payment form of the browser to the application and confirm the transfer to the specified requisites. Upon completion of the transfer, inform about the payment to the online support operator, he will start the execution of the application.

Please note that this method of payment is only possible during the hours of the support service.

An exchange with an amount less than the specified amount paid through the mobile application will be canceled with a refund minus the payment system commission.

The service is not responsible for paying for the exchange to the details not belonging to the service, in case of user mistake while copying the transfer details to the mobile application.