System of discounts for regular clients

Do you want to exchange electronic currencies at a favorable rate and guaranteed receive more? Register and get a discount from the first exchange!

Advantages of our bonus program:

  • Cumulative system. Make more exchanges and get a bigger discount in subsequent transactions.
  • Registration discount. Take part in the discount program immediately after registration. The program is activated automatically, and already at the first exchange you will have a discount of 0.02%.
  • Transparency of accrual. For each exchange you get points, the total amount of which determines the level of your discount. All exchange statistics are available in the “Profile”. If you accumulate the required amount of points, the discount automatically increases. More exchanges, more discount. The number of points for an exchange depends on the number of points for the currency received during the exchange (1 RUB = 0.0125 points, 1 USD = 1 point, 1 BTC = 10000 points, 1 ETH = 300 points, 1 LTC = 50 points).
  • Instant gain. Forget about additional withdrawal conditions and the need to accumulate minimum amounts. The discount is accrued at each exchange and added in the form of a bonus to the amount received by the exchange.

The program consists of six levels, for each of which the number of points and the level of bonus accruals are established. All calculations are made automatically and data about your current level, the number of points and the amount of bonus accruals are displayed in the "Profile". Bonus accruals are added to the amount received during the exchange.

Register and exchange with a 0.02% discount right now!

Level Points Bonus amount
1 up to 0.02%
2 up to 0.03%
3 up to 0.05%
4 up to 0.07%
5 up to 0.10%
6 up to 0.20%