Authorities hacked Darknet

The largest operation, organized by the FBI, DEA, the Dutch National Police and Europol, hit the underground infrastructure of the two main Darknet trading floors.

International investigators officially shut down Hansa and Alphabay. According to Europol, some 350,000 illicit goods were sold on its pages, which included hacking software, weapons, and drugs.

At the time of the seizure, the number of Alphabay users was about 200,000, and suppliers of illegal goods - 40,000. 250,000 drug / chemo purchase / sale announcements and 100,000 offers related to counterfeit documents were discovered.

As for Hansa, it was the third largest black market that specialized in major drug and arms deals. Authorities said this operation is one of the most significant and complex that has ever been carried out on the Darknet network.

The European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship commented on the situation:

“Darknet is turning into a haven of criminals. This is a threat to society and the economy. The capture of the two largest black markets by European and American law enforcement agencies shows the importance of international cooperation for the fight against crime. I congratulate America and Holland on their successful work, as well as Europol, who provided support during the operation.”