owner supported Bitcoin Cash

The businessman and owner of Roger Ver supported one of the options for branching Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash.

On Monday, on his Twitter account, Ver, who was the main supporter of Bitcoin Unlimited, announced that he would choose the Bitcoin Cash chain if it appeared.

In turn, bitcoin developer Jimmy Song noted that the "fork" of bitcoin is most likely to happen.

"Bitcoin Cash is a call for those Bitcoin users who don't like SegWit. As SegWit is activated, such a "plug" will give all these people the opportunity to work with cryptocurrency."

The reaction of users to the fact that Roger Ver supports Bitcoin Cash was rather skeptical. Most of them believe that Ver has "flipped over" due to the difficult times that have come for Bitcoin Unlimited.

However, fellow entrepreneur Alan Silbert voiced his opinion on this subject, responding that Ver had told him that Unlimited was on full alert.

Bitcoin Cash has already entered the market, according to ViaBTC, currently its price is $ 417.