In Italy created the "biblical currency"

In Italy, the so-called biblical currency appeared, as reported by the Central Bank of Italy. Recently, a government agency has received several letters from clients reporting the creation of “biblical euros.” They hope to use currency to repay loans or make payments.

Every resident of Europe can create this money to pay off debts simply by sending an email from a confirmed email to his creditors. The currency created in this way is called the “biblical euro.” It is such news that is distributed on the network.

In fact, banks used this option before the adoption of the euro. Then banking institutions opened accounts and conducted operations with currency, even if at that time it was not in the pockets of Europeans.

Some proponents of these ideas, who are active on the Internet, provide specific algorithms that will be used to create “biblical euros” and for payment notifications addressed to creditors and the Bank of Italy.

The representative of the Central Bank explains that only the state regulator can create the currency and urges Italians to exercise caution.