Therapy for miners: support hotline

With the volatility that Bitcoin has been showing recently, it’s not long to go crazy, says Aaron Lacher CMO Breadwallet. Many miners lack an upbeat mood and support, says Aaron. That is why he decided to launch the Bitcoin Therapy project.

The hot line was opened in early July, at the moment the team is ready to show the first results of a bold experiment. Lacher told the details of what people are calling the hotline and what they want to talk about.

  • 36% of callers discussed current issues from the world of bitcoin;
  • 25% checked if the line really works;
  • 22% of the calls were from people who wanted to chat;
  • 12% turned out to be old friends and called to say hello;
  • 5% used the line for other purposes.

Mostly calls were received at the weekend, Lacher considers this a confirmation of the popularity of the hotline. Many of the subscribers left messages on voicemail. According to Lacher, 20% of the respondents were women.

The most shocking revelation of the hotline was that not a single person called just to laugh at the project. This bodes well, says Lacher:

“Not a single laugh in our direction. Honestly, this was the most amazing revelation for everyone, given that we expected ridicule. Faith in humanity is restored. For those who are interested in our hotline, call on weekdays from 10 to 17 on EST. Phone Number: + 1-305-791-491".