Qiwi checks transfers with a delay of up to 48 hours

Qiwi payment system has introduced a new algorithm for verifying the legality of operations.

"Qiwi announces that it is introducing a new algorithm for detecting and preventing suspicious transactions from today. This will allow for the most efficient monitoring and prevention of illegal actions in the Qiwi payment system. Over the next few days, the algorithm will be deployed to various clusters of Qiwi wallet users", - told the company. Source: ria.ru

In this regard, many of the payments that you, our dear customers, send to us, as well as the payments that we send through your exchanges, are processed by Qiwi up to 48 hours. As a result of the verification, the transfer will either be successfully completed or rejected.

If your payment on the application has been delayed, please wait for the transaction confirmation in the wallet history and inform our online support. We will refund or exchange.

If the transfer that we send to you has been delayed, and after 48 hours the funds have not been credited to your account, please contact our support team. At your request, we will make a refund or repayment.

For information, please contact the online support service. We ask you to be patient and not to worry, the service works as before.