Poloniex will not choose side in case of Bitcoin hard fork

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange said it "cannot commit to supporting any particular blockchain" in the event of a Bitcoin split.

Representatives of the exchange explained that despite the decisive moment that will come for BTC next week, Polonix will leave all positions open.

"Even if after the split two viable cryptocurrencies appear, we will decide on their support only after we make sure the blockchain is safe for our customers."

Despite the fact that day "x" is nearing for bitcoin, the price of cryptocurrency is growing. Japanese exchanges resumed operations after a temporary outage.

Meanwhile, Poloniex has released a statement saying that in the coming weeks the exchange will stop working “any time it sees fit.” Also, a representative of Polonix commented on the situation on the corporate blog:

"The duration of the interruption is unknown, it depends on the stability of the network. Our goal will be to resume access to wallets and transactions in the system only when it becomes safe for everyone."