The scale of Coinbase: 100,000 users in 3 days

The well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has registered 100,000 customers in 3 days. This record surge has continued since June. The platform did its best to keep up with its competitors, and it seems that it still managed to come forward.

Statistics on July 21 were provided by businessman Alistair Milne, in his Twitter, he noted:

"Coinbase has added around 100,000 users in the last 3 days. This is the same speed as in June."

Coinbase is heavily criticized by users on social networks for manipulations related to the recent volatility of bitcoin. Regular service outages and lack of response to complaints came due to the influx of new users, although Coinbase staff was increased to the maximum.

Faced with problems on several fronts, Coinbase still won one small victory over the IRS.

By allowing the plaintiff, known as “John Doe 4,” to act anonymously, the district court judge apparently questioned the nature of the IRS requirements. Coinbase, lawyers and even members of Congress have criticized the overly exaggerated scope of the investigation.