Hackers steal $ 32 million Ethereum

Cybercriminals stole more than $ 30 million on Wednesday. 44,055 tokens were stolen from the Swarm City trading platform. The theft was noticed around noon on Wednesday, according to Swarm City Liaison Officer Matthew Carano.

Attackers found a vulnerability in Parity Multisig code. This flaw allowed to steal more than 153,000 ETH from several projects, including Edgeless Casino, Aeternity, Swarm City.

Once the theft was discovered, the price of Ethereum fell from $ 235 to $ 196, according to Coindesk. Since then, the price has recovered to $ 213.

A critical security statement was made by Parity, a software developer who creates a web browser that allows users to interact with the Etherchain Ethereum network, as well as buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Parity creates digital wallets. They are built on special technology, which should increase the security of digital currency exchanges, requiring another user to sign a transaction before it is added to the chain. However, hackers still found the vulnerability. At the moment, Parity has released an update to fix the encoding problem.