Competition results

Dear users!

The contest for the best idea to improve the service has ended.

It was not easy to choose the winners, because thanks to you, we received a large number of messages with various interesting ideas and improvements to our service.

Each appeal was examined in detail, studied and evaluated.

In the future, we will try to put into operation all the functionalities you proposed.

We are in a hurry to tell you the results of the competition

1st place: an interesting mechanism for the work of rates, reserves and accounts

2nd place: creative proposal for the design of all sections of the site

3rd place: the idea of ​​checking the validity of addresses/accounts at the stage of entering into the required field

All winners were rewarded with prizes!

Thanks to all users who participated and shared interesting ideas.

Indeed, at first glance, even the simplest thoughts can turn out to be the best and lead to victory.

Sincerely, WW-Pay service