The number of bitcoin terminals is growing steadily

BTC ATMs are rapidly conquering markets around the world. The largest gains are shown by the USA, Canada and Austria. Only in June the number of ATMs increased by 7%, and this is 91 blocks, according to Coinatmradar.

The world's largest American bitcoin operator ATM Coinsource has opened 9 new terminals, in turn, Bitstop - 8, and Rockitcoin - 5.

In Canada, there was a 9.2% increase in the total number of registered bitcoin ATMs, while in June 15 new systems were installed. Instacoin opened 9 terminals (60% of the total) in Toronto.

Significant growth was also noted in Austria. There are 12 new ATMs installed, which is 46%. Austrian operator Cointed opened 11 terminals in June.

The first Bitcoin ATM was installed in Norway, the number of terminals in Taiwan increased to 3, and the number of ATMs in the Dominican Republic increased to 5.

At the same time, according to Coinatmradar, 29 cryptocurrency terminals were closed last month. This happened in South Africa and in Jamaica. As can be seen from the statistics, operators are not very concerned about the likely Bitcoin hard fork, which is scheduled for August 1.