Bitcoin and Ethereum recover after drop

Thousands of cryptocurrency owners are chained to the monitor in connection with the latest developments in the virtual financial market. The exchange rates of the main digital currencies have changed with astonishing speed, and not always in the direction of growth.

For Ethereum and Bitcoin, Monday started off pretty well. The Coindesk chart confirms that Bitcoin started at $ 1,938.94, peaked at $ 2,106.32 at around 8:00 in the morning, and at the moment the price is $ 2,027.87. Compared to yesterday's rate, cryptocurrency grew by 4.59%.

Growth shows and Ethereum. At the beginning of the trading day, cryptocurrency was worth $ 159.99 per coin, after some drops in ETH, the price recovered and at the time of writing, was $ 164.25. There is an increase of 2.84%.

It is difficult to say how the course will go further, however, experts say that the week for cryptocurrencies promises to be hot.