Analysts predict up to $ 500,000 per bitcoin

Passions around bitcoin do not subside. Analysts, exchange gurus and public figures from the IT world are predicting a bright future for cryptocurrency, despite the recent volatility of the exchange rate.

Wall Street's first strategist Tom Lee said in his report that Bitcoin could reach $ 55,000 by 2022. He also commented on the state of affairs in the gold market, mentioning that the demand for BTC will soon exceed the demand for gold, and in the end will completely replace it.

"We believe that cryptocurrency will absorb gold. That is why we consider bitcoin more seriously than ever before. Based on the research, it is clear that the value of a coin can range from $ 20,000 to $ 55,000 by 2022."

Ronnie Moas, chief analyst for stock market research, commented on bitcoin. Earlier this month, he said:

“Since there can only be 21 million bitcoins in the world, an increase in demand for digital currency will naturally lead to an increase in its price.”

Moas estimates Bitcoin could reach $ 5,000 very soon.

“The price of five thousand dollars will rise within a few months. Cryptocurrency is now only swinging like a forest fire.”

The analyst said that he personally invested several hundred dollars in BTC and several other cryptocurrencies. Ronnie Moas plans to invest even more. He mentioned that bitcoin is not something to be missed.

“Inaction in the cryptocurrency market can be more painful than losing money.”

John McAfee, a programmer, creator of the eponymous antivirus and politician makes bolder predictions. Not so long ago, he tweeted that within three years, bitcoin will rise to $ 500,000. McAfee, known for his eccentric behavior, added “if not, I will eat my own member on national television.”

Many are predicting a spurt in the BTC rate in the near future. It will be interesting to see how everything actually goes, especially with John McAfee.