They want to mine in Novosibirsk

Demand for mining equipment in Novosibirsk grew 7 times. According to Avito analysts, in early summer, the search query “mining” became popular six times more than in May. Novosibirsk has become a leader on a par with Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov. According to statistics, the most inert cities regarding mining are Volgograd and Krasnoyarsk.

As for video cards (the main component for mining), now Novosibirsk bitcoin lovers want to buy the part twice as much as in June. Other things being equal, the price of a video card on Avito grew from 6.5 to 11.1 thousand rubles.

Also, the network has more opportunities to buy ready-made farms. According to information at the beginning of May there were 114 advertisements for the sale of farms, on July 10 there were 2022. The average price for such a "farm" is 180-250 thousand rubles.