Bitcoin block increase may be delayed until November

According to CoinDesk, the cost of BTC reached $ 2,948.51 on Thursday evening. This was due to intense debate about the future of cryptocurrency. Although the course fell over the next few hours, it held at a mark above the morning.

The thing is that among the holders of bitcoin there is a large-scale discussion. There is a significant lag in the blockchain chain, due to the fact that the Bitcoin code provides for a certain number of transactions in one block. The subject of discussion is the correct way to increase the size of the block, which will speed up transactions.

One faction of miners supports a solution called BIP 148, which will cause soft fork in the blockchain. Another group supported a proposal called BIP 91, which provided for SegWit2X. At the moment, BIP 91 has been decided, which would increase the block size. 93.8% of miners have supported this proposal in the last 24 hours, according to Coin Dance, a site that tracks bitcoin blocks.

This is essentially a software update that needs to be launched. Thus, 93.8% of the “miners" signal their intention to do so. At the moment, everyone has been given a two-day grace period to prepare for the activation of BIP 91. After this, an adjustment period will take place, which can take two weeks. The actual increase in block size may not take place until November.

Some problems may also occur. For example, one of the BTC developers Brian Bishop said that miners may not update their software, even if they are signaling it at the moment.