Where have the Petya Bitcoins gone?

Most recently, Petya has attacked many computers around the world. The creators of the virus did not make as much money as the extortionists of Wannacry a few weeks earlier. The account of cybercriminals replenished only 8,000 BTC.

The reason you couldn’t get any more is because of the disabling of hacker email. Interestingly, the guys used one specific address to raise funds, and not several, as happens in such cases. After a couple of days, the attackers began to transfer money to different wallets. Experts believe that BTCs were sent through over 2,000 addresses using mixing services.

According to the publication of Quartz, these bitcoins are extremely difficult to detect. Technology expert Keith Collins comments on:

“We collected all the data about the findings from this address, as well as about each of the subsequent transfers. We only worked with those transactions that were carried out within 8 hours after the start.”

Collins also believes that in the end, Petya bitcoins got to a large exchange point or cryptocurrency exchange.

There are several options for mixing bitcoin transactions. These include services such as Joinmarket and many others. In addition, some users prefer to use altcoins (Zcash and Monero), since these cryptocurrencies provide better anonymity.

Law enforcement agencies and officials have long been saying that mixers and anonymizers of bitcoins should be outlawed. For example, the Basel Institute of Management, Europol, Interpol and US officials are discussing proposals to “take action against digital currency mixers.”