30% of computers in Russia are infected with a mining virus

German Klimenko, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, said that about 20 million computers were infected with the mining virus. Thus, no one other than hackers trades, the politician is sure.

"On the periphery, the percentage of infected computers is less, but there is an assumption that the total number of such computers is from 20 to 30%. IPhones and Mas are outnumbered."

Klimenko believes that a peculiar business virus steals bank card data and sells it.

"It's all about extensions, the virus appears on systems with extensions for browsers. Most of us install plugins. Some of them help to solve a certain problem, but they work like viruses, collecting data."

Among other things, an adviser to the president called WannaCry hackers children who do not understand how to make money on the Internet.

"At the moment, the most dangerous is the virus that opens the server and installs a program for mining bitcoins on it."

Kaspersky Lab expert Anton Ivanov agrees with Klimenko, he is confident that miner viruses exist, but it’s hard to tell the exact numbers of infected computers.

"6% of systems in Russia this year have undergone similar attacks. This significantly reduces the performance of computers."

Analyst Dr. Web Vyacheslav Medvedev believes that at least 1% of computers are infected. According to Vyacheslav, 30% is an epidemic. It is difficult to say which figure from the above is true. One can only hope for good luck and antivirus with the latest updates.